The Catholic University of America

Academic and Faculty Committees

The Committee on Appointments and Promotions (CAP) examines all applications for appointment, promotion, and tenure on which the Academic Senate must pass and makes recommendations for their disposition. (Faculty Handbook, Part I, Section B-5Articles XI-XIII of the Constitution of the Academic Senate of The Catholic University of America)

The Graduate BoardAccording to the Faculty Handbook, Part I, Section B-5, as well as Article XVII of the Constitution of the Academic Senate of The Catholic University of America, "There shall be a Graduate Board to exercise general supervision over all matters delegated to it by the Academic Senate relating to graduate study; for example, standards of admission, requirements for degrees, and programs of study, and to report to the Senate recommendations on matters relating to graduate policy."

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee/Animal Welfare Committee (IACUC) generally meets twice a year or at special requests based upon frequency of submissions. IACUC meets to decide whether requirements of the federal regulations assuring the welfare of animals (9 CFR, subchapter A) are met. 

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) serves as the University's Committe for the Protection of Human Subjects, and is responsible for insuring all research using human subjects conducted at CUA or by CUA faculty/staff, and/or students at any location, including research conducted as part of classroom exercises or course requirements, complies with federal/state regulations.
The University Grant in Aid CommitteeThe University has limited funds available to support faculty research projects. These funds are allocated to applicants by the University Grant-in-Aid Committee, which has delegated to the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies authority to grant applications for less than $2,000. Applications are accepted throughout the school year. The forms are available from the Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, 116 McMahon Hall.